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Battlecry | Poetry


Dear Orcs, Goblins, Drow, Kobolds, Dhampir, Tieflings, Gnolls, and Whomever Else it May Concern,

It might come as a shock, as I’ve been told my size belies my expertise, but I’ve walked this all across this land, from wintry summits to watery docks, both alone and hand-in-hand with allies. From its peaks, I’ve seen all the world’s offerings — both good and bad. From all the lives I’ve touched, I realized that in my heart of hearts, I truly believe that the Gods made all races the equal. Equal in both pros and cons, strength and flaws, boon and banes. From humans and Elves, to Goblins and Orcs, we’re all the same. But you and I both know this isn’t shown in our everyday lives. For too long, our world had been spun by hateful, insidious lies. The races have been plopped on imaginary, arbitrary axes. I needn’t tell you where we lie. I needn’t tell you whose establishments are raided and looted. I needn’t tell you whose families are uprooted. We’re all stereotyped and shoved into boxes. “Orcs are barbarians.” “Kobolds are idiotic.” “Goblins are chaotic.” I’m sick and tired of it. It’s not just them, either. “Humans are unremarkable.” “A Dwarf’s love for drink is insatiable.” “Elves’ pompousness makes them incorrigible.” Enough is enough. We are more than these crude labels. You have the capacity to do good or evil. Yes, you, not the race you were born into, not something you couldn’t choose. Let my call be a rally to all who have the gall to stand up to the masters of this cruel game. The masters who make the expansive field of life into a dark, dank dungeon. Let our fantasy of equality be a reality. Let us stand tall, hand-in-hand to catch each other if we fall. Let my words be a battlecry. When we rally, I know that we’ll be able to make a change. Let’s lead by example and come together, create a nation where we can all be equal, and yes, take up arms and fight if we have to. I am but one Goblin, but I know there is strength in numbers. I’m not alone in wanting to make this world feel more like home.

~Regent Chief of the Southern Goblin Coalition,



Freedom Fighter,

Geedra Longleg

An illustration of my goblin Dungeons & Dragons character
An illustration of Geedra courtesy of my friend, frosted_mikan on Instagram

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Apr 05, 2021


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