Kaleb's first published poetry. Café Shapiro is an annual event at the University of Michigan in which undergraduate students are nominated by their professors to read their works. The works are then compiled and published. During the 2019 Café Shapiro Kaleb read three poems that in the narrative and persona forms. 

cafe shapiro.jpg
Cave of Wonder
Published 03/18 in the Ann Arbor Observer

Kaleb A. Brown's first published piece - a narrative journalism article in which he describes his experience going to the Ann Arbor arcade, Pinball Pete's, for the first time.

2019 Café Shapiro Anthology
Performed March 2019
Detroit Free Press
From 06/16/20 to 08/14/20

From June to August, 2020, Kaleb worked as a news intern at the Detroit Free Press, the largest daily newspaper in Detroit, Michigan. During his time at the Free Press, he honed his journalism skills, writing a variety of stories, chronicling events from a Powerball winner to an eagle attacking a similarly-named drone.