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Kaleb's first published poetry. Café Shapiro is an annual event at the University of Michigan in which undergraduate students are nominated by their professors to read their works. The works are then compiled and published. During the 2019 Café Shapiro Kaleb read three poems that in the narrative and persona forms. 

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Cave of Wonder
Published 03/18 in the Ann Arbor Observer

Kaleb A. Brown's first published piece - a narrative journalism article in which he describes his experience going to the Ann Arbor arcade, Pinball Pete's, for the first time.

2019 Café Shapiro Anthology
Performed March 2019
From 06/16/20 to 08/14/20

From June to August, 2020, Kaleb worked as a news intern at the Detroit Free Press, the largest daily newspaper in Detroit, Michigan. During his time at the Free Press, he honed his journalism skills, writing a variety of stories, chronicling events from a Powerball winner to an eagle attacking a similarly-named drone.

2021 Café Shapiro Anthology
Performed 03/09/2021

Kaleb returned to Café Shapiro, this time, reading a fiction piece — the first chapter of his novel manuscript he worked on as part of his honors thesis. A recording of a the reading can be found on Café Shapiro's site at the 1:29:00 mark.


Kaleb posts various articles on Medium, usually about pop culture.

Contract News Writing
From 02/02/2022 to 05/09/2022

Kaleb has published various, short news articles as contract work.

News and Trending Staff Writer
Began 05/09/2022

Kaleb is part of the Reviewed where he helps people buy the best stuff and love what they already have. He ties current events to product recommendations and consumer education pieces. Many of his articles appear on USA Today.

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Published May 2021; Released May 2022

Thanks to Ann Arbor Library's Fifth Avenue Press, the creative writing endeavors of the University of Michigan's Writers Community have been put to print, including the work of yours truly. In Bring Your Words, you can read three of my poems: "Scopophobia," "1,000 Cranes," and "Kindle," along with four of my short stories, "Black Odyssey," "Retail," "Seizure," and "Trade."

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