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Vinyl Mixpage - Love Songs | Poetry

A collage of various vinyl albums, such as Red Hot Chili Pepper's Greatest Hits, Marvin Gaye's What's Going On, Foster the People's Sacred Hearts Club, etc.
The various albums of the mixpage

Here's another mixpage for you. This one is based on the various vinyl records I have as part of my "main circulation." I exempted the primarily non-vocal records I own such as Miles Davis' Lift to the Gallows. The title is from Mariya Takeuchi's eponymous album, and making a love poem was harder than I thought despite the fact that the majority of these songs are unambiguously about love. The hardest part was crafting a consistent tone and story. Like last time the sources are at the bottom of the page.


Under moonlight,

under starlight,

I wanna’ dance with somebody,

I wanna’ feel the heat with somebody,

with somebody who loves me.

Under moonlight,

under starlight,

did you see me?

I saw you

watching me.

Did you see me

like I saw you?

I believe in what you do

I believe in watching you

I believe in what you do

(it's what you do)

I believe in watching you.

Under moonlight,

under starlight,

I'm gonna make you see

there's nobody else here, no one like me;

that there ain't no other

that can do the things that I do to you.

Under moonlight,

under starlight,

something happens and I'm head over heels,

I never find out until I'm head over heels.

I'm out of my head

when you're not around.

Ah, baby, I love ya’, can't you see that I need ya’?

Life's no good here without ya, I'm crazy about ya’,

I'd be a beggar or a knave for you.

Tell me I needn't fear, oh please be kind

'cause if you leave me, dear, I know my heart will lose its mind.

Under moonlight,

under starlight,

we've got to find a way

to bring some lovin' here today.

So, help me make the

most of freedom

and of pleasure;

nothing ever lasts forever.

For a smile we can share the night,

it goes on and on, and on, and on.

You can raise one eyebrow,

put your hand on my hip,

and I close one eye now,

sweat on your lip.

And I surrender to the fever,

and I surrender to the will of the night.

You love me so tender,

I got to believe ya’.

Oh, baby, do me now,

do me here, I do allow!

Under moonlight,

under starlight,

I take you in the darkness

And do the tango in the night.

Where does the end of me

become the start of you?

Oh, the phantoms

crawl out of the night,

hoping the daylight will never come

for you, you and I.

And it seems so strange

that at the end of the day,

making love can be so good.

Under sunlight,

Under skylight,

The last dance is over and now we must part

but I gave you the love you never knew, oh

didn't I do it, baby, didn't I do it, baby?

So, wait for me, please,

wait for me.

I'll try.

And we'll never have to say goodbye.

Vinyl Mixpage Sources
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